As the fall season comes to a close, we can’t help but anxiously anticipate the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, Christmas is right around the corner and with it comes the excitement of planning fun youth Christmas party events. What better way to celebrate the joyful Advent season than with a party?

This season, we have tons of creative ideas for your youth Christmas party, whether you’re having one in-person, digital, or drive-thru event. In fact, we’ve put a unique spin on the holidays with our Not So Silent Night Christmas Party! This free youth Christmas party download has everything you need to throw a fun Christmas party that’s anything but silent (But don’t worry, there are some ideas for wonderfully festive quiet rooms, too!).

Here are just a few of our favorite youth Christmas party ideas:


In-Person Christmas Party Ideas

Floor Piano

For a fun way to boost the energy in the room, purchase a floor piano and lay it out in an easily-accessible space. Work with a member of your worship team to print easy-to-follow “steps” to play some simple Christmas songs (Jingle Bells, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Silent Night, etc.). You can print out the song steps or create a wall-sized poster to hang above the floor piano. Want to take it to the next level? Use Christmas-colored duct tape (green, red, silver, gold, etc.) to decorate the floor around the piano and/or make a trail of large music notes that go from your front door to the floor piano. Students will have a blast making some noise at your youth Christmas party!

Snowball Fight 

Who says you have to have snow to have a snowball fight? Pass out newspaper, sheets of printer paper, or whatever paper you have around, and give kids a countdown to create as many snowballs as they can.  Once dividing students into two teams, have them bring their arsenal of snowballs to the center of the room. When the host says so, teams run to the middle of the room, grab the ammo and try to get as much “snow” on the opposing team’s side. Whoever has the least amount of snow on their side wins! You can add different levels of challenge by decreasing the amount of time students will have to throw the snowballs each round. Students will love this festive Christmas party game!

Make a Memory Photo Booth Station

For making this Christmas party a true memory, let students document the day with a photo booth! You can set up a Christmas-themed TikTok or Instagram Booth with a ring light on a stand and a tripod with a phone holder attachment. (Pro tip: If you set up a tripod, add sandbags or weights to the bottom of the tripod. You don’t want to be responsible for dropped phones and cracked screens.) For a backdrop, use Christmas wrapping paper taped to the wall or suspend the paper from a pipe and drape! Be sure to avoid reflective, shiny, metallic prints for better photo results. For props, set out a suitcase filled with props like reindeer antlers, elf ears, Santa hats, etc. Optional: Staff the booth with a volunteer. Want to take it to the next level? Print off vibrant exclamations on pop signs in Christmas colors or make your own.

Themed-Dress Up

To create a memorable experience, have students or small groups dress up for group pictures! You could set up a fashion show on a red carpet to show off their unique outfits. Consider having a photo-op contest and giving prizes in categories like “most creative”, “best dressed”, “nailed it!”, etc. For something even more holly-jolly, have high school groups join middle school groups to dress as the same song or song lyric. The fun and creativity will be unmatched!

Create a Quiet Room

Some students might prefer a more relaxed Christmas party setting, which is totally possible! Simply find a room away from the noise of the party and hang blue Christmas lights to create a chill mood with chairs or bean bag seating. You could provide books, puzzles, or other craft activities for some simple activities that match the mood! This is the best way to create the perfect silent night escape from the sound-filled spaces on the other side of the door.

Snack Station or Prepackaged Snacks

Who says candy canes are the only festive snack? For a Christmas snack station that will match the energy of your youth Christmas party, check out these snack ideas! And don’t worry, these snacks can be pre-packaged and passed out to students beforehand if you’re throwing a digital event or given out in a drive-thru event.

  • Red and Green Pop Rocks
  • Multicolored Candy Canes
  • Pre-made gingerbread houses (Smash these so students can grab a piece!)
  • Pre-packaged Christmas tree snack cakes
  • Popcorn Station (pre-packaged individual bags of popcorn with the option to add things like pretzels and candy to the bags)
  • Bottled drinks
  • Loud Trail Mix: Hot Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids, Sour Airheads Xtremes, Flavor Blasted Goldfish, Pop Rocks, etc.

Make it next level by decorating the scoopers or bowls with little signs or adding signage to the wall/table with bold flavor words like CRUNCH. ZING. SMACK. SLURP. SIZZLE. POP.


Digital Christmas Party 

Your church is not ready to gather in-person? We’ve got you covered! Check out some of favorite digital Christmas party ideas:

Christmas At-Home Goodie Bags

Since the event will take place entirely online, pass out some goodie bags beforehand for students to enjoy at the party. You could include:

  • Noisemakers
  • Mini confetti poppers
  • Glow sticks
  • Small string of red or green LED lights
  • Prepackaged Snack Bag (check out #6 above for ideas)
  • Invitation cards (for students to invite friends to church after the new year)

Confetti Popper Countdown

Your digital Christmas party should end with a bang! Toward the end of your party, have everyone grab the mini confetti popper that’s provided in their goody bag. Countdown from ten and have everyone pop their confetti! Be sure to record this video to be used on your social platforms once the party is over!


Drive-Thru Christmas Party Ideas

Decorated Cars

Music isn’t the only thing that can be LOUD at your drive-thru Christmas party. Host a visually-loud car decoration contest! Ask guests to arrive at the party with their car decorated. Then, announce the winner the next time your student ministry meets. This is a great way to engage students with decor and encourage kids to come back to your ministry.

Christmas Carolers

Caroling, caroling through the snow . . . Okay, even if you don’t have snow, nothing brings Christmas spirit like caroling! And it happens to be perfect for a drive-thru event. Recruit some middle or high school volunteers to be carolers and sing to students as their cars arrive at the caroling station. This will be the best welcome to a merry Christmas event.

In-person, digital, drive-thru . . . whatever structure your ministry decides on this year, we know your youth Christmas party will be very merry. Don’t forget to grab the free download of Orange Students Christmas Party from XP3 youth ministry curriculum to make all your planning easier. Good luck, and happy planning!

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