XP3 is all about influencing students, parents and leaders.

It doesn’t matter if you are using XP3 or curious about XP3, here’s how we think XP3 can help any student ministry:

Series Content

  1. High School Teaching Outline & Script
  2. Middle School Teaching Outline & Script
  3. XP (experience piece)
  4. Parent Cue

Small Group Content

  1. Small Group Leader Email
  2. Small Group Questions (including Goal Of Small Group & Next Step)

Series Prep & Environment

  1. Series Guide (checklist for what’s needed each series)
  2. Game/Icebreaker (for each session)
  3. Set Design
  4. Background Playlist
  5. Worship Playlist

Social Media

  1. Social Media Plan For Students
  2. Social Media Plan For Parents
  3. Facebook Cover Image
  4. Instagram Pic For Series
  5. Instagram Pic With Each Bottom Line


  1. Session Title Slides
  2. Background Slides
  3. Motion Loop
  4. Poster Image
  5. eCard Image (low res)
  6. Web Banner (large & small)


  1. Series Preview Video
  2. Bumper Video
  3. Video Communicator (for each session–additional cost)

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