By Josh Robinson

I met with some key volunteers today as we discussed how to improve in our greeting and small group ministry. We had a great conversation about the need to breakdown any hindrances for students to be open to sharing life.

Many times students do not open up because they don’t feel they can trust others. As we talked about how to build small groups that lead to transformed lives, we have to keep the vision in front of the adult volunteers and students

Here are some small group guidelines we felt was at the core of small group health.

Small Group Guidelines:

  • What is said in group, stays in group (unless you are hurting yourself or someone else).
  • Small group is a safe place to share (help students know it is a safe place to share).
  • Talk with each other and not at each other (avoid lecturing and telling students what to do and instead discuss how to work on a solution).
  • No side conversations (don’t allow whispering, comments and multiple conversations. Show honor to others and listen when they speak in groups).
  • Prayer requests are not gossip (prayer requests are prayer requests. Avoid sharing sensitive requests out of group).
  • Stay on track with the Bible discussion (avoid derailing conversations and topics. If a student tries to take the group away from the focus, talk to them afterwards about it and get back on track).

What guidelines would you add? How important is the vision of small groups?


joshprofileJosh Robinson’s Bio:

Josh is the pastor to students at Church @ the Springs in Ocala, Florida. He want this generation to imitate Christ and influence the world with the gospel. Josh has a B.A. in Christian Education from  The Baptist College of Florida. He just finished a Master’s of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Christian Leadership and a Masters of Religious Education from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

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