About Orange Students

There’s a lot to do in youth ministry

You’ve got to be a thinker, planner, speaker, designer, social media expert, and . . . about 8,562 other things. We’ve learned at some point it takes a community to lead the next generation.

We create resources, strategy, and curriculum to help you lead your middle & high school students.

Our Strategy

Orange Students is a community of youth ministry leaders who help you create a comprehensive strategy for your ministry.

We believe a good youth ministry strategy . . .

  • Engages students.
  • Partners with parents.
  • Equips volunteers.

Strategy is a plan of action with an end in mind. The Orange strategy can help you lead a student into a growing relationship with Jesus and deeper faith. But in order to do that, you don’t need just strategy, you need a way to implement that strategy. Our team of amazing contributors and full time staff work to partner with you when it comes to creating lasting, thriving, strategic youth environments—all while helping create the tools to help get you where you want to go.

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