What does your fall look like? If you’re like me—and a lot of the leaders I’ve been talking to—the big word for your fall is unknown. I know for us right now, as an organization, we’re usually packing our bags, booking airline tickets, renting cars, and trying to figure out the hotels we’re going to stay in as we travel to over 20 different cities. But not this fall.

As a matter of fact, there’s kind of a grieving process—what we were expecting to do, and now what we can’t do to connect with church leaders around the country.

So we decided to ask ourselves a few questions . . .

what would it look like if we did something entirely different?

what would it look like if we gathered to gather in a way we haven’t even imagined?

what would it look like if we decided to get youth ministry leaders to show up in a different space to have the kind of conversations we really need to have right now?

Here’s the thing I know about people in youth ministry right now: they want change to happen. They’re constantly working with teenagers, families, and communities that need change and they’ve been trying to navigate it. Now for the first time, they have permission to make the changes they need to make that’s redefining how they see the church.

Now here’s the idea: what would it look like if we created a two-day event where we took the best researchers, the best cultural thought leaders, and the best ministry leaders to create an opportunity for an exchange to happen? If we took the time to have a conversation about the future of youth ministry we could raise the bar and reimagine how we do church for the next decade.

So we’re launching a brand new event:

We hope you’ll join us at this event, because we need your voice and your experience in this conversation. And because we think if we can get the right people around the table, we can figure out the future together.


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