Ben Crawshaw

Ben is the Creative Director for XP3 High School. He graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN where he studied English and begged for food. Prior to working at reThink, Ben was the Creative Director of the high school ministry at North Point Community Church. In his free time, you can find Ben doing the Braves’ Tomahawk Chop, watching non-horror movies, or eating Reese’s Pieces.

Episode 70

RYM 070: How to Plan Your Next Big Youth Ministry Event

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Episode 22

RYM 022: What’s Wrong With The Rockstar Student Pastor Mentality

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Capture Your Main Point In A Bottom Line

A bottom line is one sentence that captures the main point of your talk in a catchy, memorable, sticky, repeatable, and tweetable way. For example: Light of the world: Church… Read More
Episode 20

RYM 020: How To Take, Embrace, And Learn From Criticism

Let's be honest: No one loves to be criticized. Especially when the criticism is given the wrong way or by the wrong person. However, if we learn to receive criticism… Read More

The Three Things You Have To Do in Every Student Talk

One of the hardest things about communicating is knowing if you did well when it’s all said and done. You put in the work, deliver the talk, and then walk… Read More

3 Vital Elements for Every Student Talk

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