Ben Nunes

Ben is one of our amazing Orange Specialists, taking care of our XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School users. When he's not assisting XP3 users, Ben enjoys eating at cash only Mexican taquerias. Ben and his wife, Kim, have 3 beautiful children with a 4th on the way.

How to go to camp for free!

Mo’ Money. It’s the one mantra of student ministry that we don’t want to admit. We need “mo’ money” for an intern, “mo’ money” to update our student room, “mo’… Read More

Mission Trips: Re-Entry

Re-entry, or Mission Trip blues… anyone who has done a short term mission trip has probably experienced these. I remember back a few years ago going on a short term… Read More

Through Five Filters

XP3 Students is a comprehensive curriculum designed to fuel three relationships—God, self and others. When we write a series, we write while looking through these five filters: Grow Spiritually Connect… Read More


We just finished our first XP3 Hangouts on Air with 9 awesome people around the WORLD. In this hangout we covered Social Media as a topic, and covered the following… Read More

DDR Results

The results are in! Here's a word from our prankee regarding the videos y'all submitted on the blog and under the #xp3ddr hashtag on April 1st. Congrats @HawkerMania! Read More

Volunteer at Orange Conference!

So, if you want to experience all of this awesomeness but you are limited on time or even funds, remember you can enjoy this as an attendee or a volunteer. Read More