Brett Talley

Orange Students Specialist

Brett is an Orange Students Specialist with Orange after spending 11 years in full-time ministry. He’s been married to his amazing wife since 2004. They have three amazing and hilarious kids who constantly keep them busy and laughing. He loves baseball, golf and makes amazing turkey melt sandwiches (if he has the time and ingredients, otherwise they’re just average).

Episode 14

RYM 014: Overcoming Challenges Being A Female In Youth Ministry

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Episode 12

RYM 012: Navigating Mental Health and Suicide In Your Ministry

There's never been a time when mental health and suicide have been talked about more in culture than right now. And with teen suicide trends on the rise, it’s more… Read More
Episode 8

RYM 008: Killing The Spider With Carlos Whittaker

We all have cobwebs in our lives—things we’re not proud of and things we wish we could get rid of. But if we’re going to get rid of the cobwebs,… Read More
Episode 7

RYM 007: How Do I Get Better At Speaking?

How often do you speak to students? Whether you communicate to students every week, once a month, or just a couple times per year, chances are, as a communicator, you've… Read More
Episode 5

RYM 005: What Every Youth Leader Wishes They Could Ask Jon Acuff

What tools do you use to memorize your content when you speak? What should youth leaders stop doing when it comes to social media? How can I get better at… Read More

XP3 101: What is an Orange Specialist?

Hi! I’m Brett and I’m an Orange Specialist, or OS, as the Orange insiders call us. Before I had this OS gig, I was a ministry leader just like you,… Read More

RYM 000: Meet the Hosts

Welcome to Rethinking Youth Ministry – a podcast for youth ministry leaders, pastors, volunteers, workers, and anyone who cares about middle school and high school students. In our opening episode,… Read More

XP3 101 | Small Groups

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Processing Tragedy & Grief as a Student Ministry Leader

One of the things I love about my job as an XP3 Orange Specialist is resourcing those who reach out to us looking for some help. As a Pastor in… Read More

Hanging Christmas Lights & The Art of Prioritizing

It’s pretty easy to get stuck focusing on the wrong things in ministry, right? Shoot, that’s true in life in general. Maybe it’s... Something we enjoy doing more, but just… Read More

Your Talk Doesn’t Matter (Does It?)

Discouragement has been a far too familiar friend to me throughout the last 11 years I’ve been in full time ministry. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you can’t (good for… Read More

When Something Doesn’t Quite Feel Right

Have you ever attended a group gathering (concert, work, church, school recital, etc) where you are haunted by the energy in the room? You are sitting there, trying to engage,… Read More