Charlie Conder

Orange Students Specialist

Activating the Power of Curriculum in Your Small Church

My absolute favorite line in a youth pastor job description is the line that sounds something like . . . “and other duties as assigned.” If you are serving in… Read More

The 6 Easiest Things You Can Do For Volunteers

When you support your team, they’ll become your best advertisement. Loved leaders bring excellent leaders to serve with them. And leaders who feel loved and supported will be more likely… Read More
Episode 54

RYM 054: Help! My Youth Ministry Numbers Plateaued!

We all know that attendance numbers can fluctuate in youth ministry from week to week. But over time, we all hope to see attendance trending UP. But what do you… Read More
Episode 53

RYM 053: “I’m Just A Youth Pastor” And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

“When are you going to be a real pastor?” “If you just teach Sunday School, what else do you do during the week?” “Where do you see yourself in five… Read More
Episode 50

RYM 050: How To Care For Students Who Have Been Abused

In our ministries, the heartbreaking reality is, we will have students that have been or are being abused. That is why it is crucial that we as youth workers know… Read More
Episode 49

RYM 049: Why You Should Never Talk About Purity Again

For so long, we as the Church have approached the topics of sex and sexuality through the lens of purity. On this episode, join ministry leaders as they define and… Read More
Episode 47

RYM 047: Building Parent Buy-In For Your Youth Ministry

There are all different kinds of parents in youth ministry: helicopter parents, parents who don’t even know their kid attends church, and everything in-between. But no matter where your students'… Read More
Episode 41

RYM 041: Setting Healthy Boundaries In Your Youth Ministry

If you’re in youth ministry, you know that creating boundaries that keep you sane can be a challenge. There’s always a text that needs to be answered, an email that… Read More

RYM Bonus: Winter 2018 XP3 Curriculum Preview

A new season of XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School curriculum just released! Whether or not you use XP3 curriculum, we invite you to join us for a behind-the-scenes… Read More
Episode 38

RYM 038: How To Have A 5-Star Youth Ministry On A Shoestring Budget

If there's one thing all ministry leaders and youth workers can agree on, it's this: We never quite have everything we wish we could in our youth ministry budgets. On… Read More
Episode 37

RYM 037: Hiring Youth Ministry Staff Without Paying Them

As a youth worker and ministry leader, you have countless tasks, responsibilities, and projects that need to get done each week in your youth ministry. The bad news? You're just… Read More
Episode 24

RYM 024: Why Graduation Is Not The Finish Line (With Kara Powell)

In most areas of ministry, there's a finish line. There's a finish line for that weekend retreat. There's a finish line for that message you're writing. And if we're not… Read More