CJ Palmer

Director Of Audio And Video Content

CJ is the Director Of Audio And Video Content at Orange and one of the hosts and producers of Rethinking Youth Ministry, a podcast raising the bar for student leaders everywhere. CJ has been leading small groups for middle school students at North Point Community Church since 2007, which means he’s probably spent more time talking to middle schoolers than adults in his life. He also placed 5th in his 8th grade class field day fun run. CJ and his wife, Teri, live in Alpharetta, Georgia, with their son, Harley, and their robot vacuum, Barbara.

Episode 85

RYM 085: How To Navigate Hard Conversations With Students In Youth Ministry

Whether you’ve already had some tough conversations with some students in your ministry, or whether you haven’t walked that road yet, here’s the truth: Tough conversations are bound to happen… Read More
Episode 82

RYM 082: Why And HOW To Stay Creative As A Youth Ministry Leader

Most of us have big ideas and plans when we begin working in the world of youth ministry. We have programming ideas, series ideas, retreat ideas, outreach event ideas, and… Read More
Episode 80

RYM 080: What To Do When Real Life Collides With Youth Ministry

Youth ministry leaders aren’t exempt from the tougher moments and seasons of life. And whether it’s a difficult relationship, a financial mess, unexpected illness of a loved one, or something… Read More

Resources Debuting At OC16!

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Defining the Small Win for Your Small Group Leaders

Most small group leaders have big wins in mind for their small group. They anticipate the big, pivotal, fulfilling moments that remind them why they're leading a group in the first place… Read More

Our Featured Series with Kara Powell

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How to Keep Your SGL’s Going when the Going Gets Tough

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XP3 Summer 2016 Series Preview

We are excited to let you know that our Summer 2016 curriculum now available! We have four new series for XP3 Middle School and four new series for XP3 High… Read More

XP3 Game Demo: Bear Hunt

XP3 games and icebreaker activities are designed to help students relax, have fun, and engage with others. Sometimes the games are about quick wit and sharpness. Other times they're about… Read More

New Lead Small App Feature for XP3 Users

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Your Context Matters – How to Contextualize XP3 for Your Ministry

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