DJ Coleman

D.J. started following Jesus when he was 18. Prior to following Jesus, D.J. pursued money (even if it meant taking what wasn’t his). After being pressured to attend a Christian conference he didn’t want to go to, his life was forever changed and he began pursuing Jesus. D.J. loves watching Indiana Pacers games with his wife Sarah, reading with his daughter Jubilee (5), wrestling with his is son Benaiah (4), and keeping his son Abel (1) away from dangerous things like power cords and disinfectants. He serves as a student pastor at Northwood Church in Forth Worth, Texas, and speaks to middle school, high school, and college students all over the United States about his passion for God. Oh, and in his spare time, DJ is a DJ!

A Safe Place for Every Race

Deep inside every person is a desire to be welcomed and wanted. Many communities across the United States are rapidly diversifying and youth pastors need tools to create spaces where… Read More