Jamey Dickens

Jamey is a pastor, speaker, and writer of student content for North Point Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to serving as the Director of High School at the Buckhead campus, he is also one of the voices speaking into the content and strategy for all six locations in the Atlanta area. As a long-time friend of Orange, he’s had the privilege of being a speaker, writer, and creative resource for XP3 Student Curriculum. In his spare time he can be found speaking at student events around the country, coaching new and aspiring communicators, and hanging with his beautiful wife, Sara, and their two children, Cashman and Peyton.

Episode 65

RYM 065: Leading Students of the Opposite Gender

In the unrelenting pace of youth ministry, it’s easy to slip into an, “I’ve got this. How hard can it be to talk to someone of the opposite gender?” mentality.… Read More
Episode 44

RYM 044: Engaging Unengaged Students In Youth Ministry

We all have programs and events that our students and volunteers love and might be working well. But what happens when that program doesn’t exactly align with the vision of… Read More
Episode 36

RYM 036: What Should I Do With My Student Leaders?

Raising up student leaders in your youth ministry is no small task. In fact, it requires a lot more time, energy, and planning than you might think you have time… Read More

The Brand New Youth Pastor Checklist

So you’re new to youth ministry? Welcome to the team! I’m excited for you, and I believe in you! I can’t wait to see how God is going to use… Read More

Three Keys for Finding Great Volunteers

We’re all in need of volunteers. If we’re going to build a great student ministry—the one that we believe God wants us to build—we’re not going to be able to… Read More

Six Hacks For Building A Cool Youth Ministry Environment

There’s nothing quite like a cool space. Be it a nice house, a trendy restaurant, a unique concert venue, or even a corporate office, great spaces make great impressions as… Read More
Episode 22

RYM 022: What’s Wrong With The Rockstar Student Pastor Mentality

If you're a ministry leader or a youth pastor, there are a lot of responsibilities and expectations on your shoulders from week to week. And in the midst of it… Read More
Episode 20

RYM 020: How To Take, Embrace, And Learn From Criticism

Let's be honest: No one loves to be criticized. Especially when the criticism is given the wrong way or by the wrong person. However, if we learn to receive criticism… Read More
Episode 15

RYM 015: How To Measure Success In Your Youth Ministry

It can be easy to measure the success of our youth ministries just by looking at attendance and numbers. But the truth is, attendance tells us more about the school… Read More
Episode 7

RYM 007: How Do I Get Better At Speaking?

How often do you speak to students? Whether you communicate to students every week, once a month, or just a couple times per year, chances are, as a communicator, you've… Read More