Jean Sohn

Jean has been working with students for 12 years. She started as a middle school science teacher, served as a youth leader at her local church, and now currently works at Gwinnett Church in their middle school environment called Transit. Jean is married and has 2 kids.

Episode 95

RYM 095: What To Do With The Homeschoolers In Your Youth Group

“What school do you go to?” is often one of the first questions we ask new students in our youth ministries. And every now and then the answer is, “I'm… Read More
Episode 91

RYM 091: Caring For Immigrant Students In Your Youth Ministry

As youth leaders, we have the responsibility to be intentional in the ways we serve all of our students, including those who have diverse family dynamics, backgrounds, and even cultures.… Read More
Episode 81

RYM 081: Why Curating FUN Is A CRUCIAL Part Of Every Youth Ministry

If there’s one thing virtually all youth ministries and youth ministry leaders have in common, it’s this: We like to play games and have FUN! But are we just having… Read More