Kara Powell

Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute

Kara Powell, PhD, is the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and Chief of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary. Named by Christianity Today as one of “50 Women to Watch,” Kara serves as a Youth and Family Strategist for Orange, and speaks regularly at parenting and leadership conferences. Kara is the author or co-author of a number of books including 3 Big Questions that Change Every Teenager, Faith in an Anxious World, Growing With, 18 Plus, Growing Young, and the Sticky Faith series.

Going Beyond “Back To Normal” This Fall

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Episode 63

RYM 063: How To Help Parents And Teenagers Connect About Life And Faith At Home

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Episode 24

RYM 024: Why Graduation Is Not The Finish Line (With Kara Powell)

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