Kristen Ivy

Kristen Ivy is the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange and the founder of The Phase Project, and co-author of the Phase Guide series, "It's Just a Phase," and "Playing for Keeps." She combines her degree in secondary education with a Master of Divinity and lives out the full Orange spectrum as the wife of XP3 Students Orange Specialist, Matt Ivy, and the mother of three children, Sawyer, Hensley, and Raleigh.

If They Aren’t Asking Questions, They Aren’t Listening

Don’t let the term 'philosopher' confuse you. High schoolers want more than theory. They want to know what is helpful for life right now. Read More

How to Read a High Schooler’s Mind

Ever had a high schooler try and persuade you that homework doesn’t really matter? Yes? Keep reading. Read More
Episode 85

RYM 085: How To Navigate Hard Conversations With Students In Youth Ministry

Whether you’ve already had some tough conversations with some students in your ministry, or whether you haven’t walked that road yet, here’s the truth: Tough conversations are bound to happen… Read More
Episode 84

RYM 084: Working With Parents In Youth Ministry (Why It Doesn’t Seem To Be Working And What You Can Do About It)

If we’re being honest, oftentimes connecting with the parents of our students feels tedious and unproductive. But, as much as we might like to solely work with our students, the… Read More
Episode 83

RYM 083: A Student In My Youth Ministry Just Started Following Jesus…NOW WHAT?

As youth ministry leaders, we spend a ton of our time and energy creating environments, refining messages, and organizing events—all with the goal of helping students discover who Jesus is.… Read More
Episode 82

RYM 082: Why And HOW To Stay Creative As A Youth Ministry Leader

Most of us have big ideas and plans when we begin working in the world of youth ministry. We have programming ideas, series ideas, retreat ideas, outreach event ideas, and… Read More
Episode 81

RYM 081: Why Curating FUN Is A CRUCIAL Part Of Every Youth Ministry

If there’s one thing virtually all youth ministries and youth ministry leaders have in common, it’s this: We like to play games and have FUN! But are we just having… Read More
Episode 80

RYM 080: What To Do When Real Life Collides With Youth Ministry

Youth ministry leaders aren’t exempt from the tougher moments and seasons of life. And whether it’s a difficult relationship, a financial mess, unexpected illness of a loved one, or something… Read More
Episode 79

RYM 079: How To (Not) Emotionally Manipulate Your Students In Youth Ministry

There’s a complicated relationship between emotions and faith. And if we’re honest, as youth ministry leaders, sometimes it can be tempting to leverage our students’ emotions to help them make… Read More
Episode 78

RYM 078: Can MS & HS Students Thrive In A Combined Youth Ministry Environment?

There are tons of differences between a 6th grader and a senior in high school. Can they both thrive in the same environment? Can they both thrive in the same… Read More
Episode 77

RYM 077: Why You Need To Market Your Youth Ministry

For many of us, the word “marketing” conjures up unsettling, slightly slimy images of trying to sell people things they don’t need. But the truth is, marketing doesn’t have to… Read More

Navigating the Four Phases of High School

Phase Defined: A time frame in a kid's life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future. The phase that should matter most to you is the phase… Read More