Madi Gosch

Madi Gosch currently serves as an intern for the Orange Students team. She is currently a senior at Liberty Online where she is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with cognates in Psychology, Religious Studies, and Global Studies with a minor in Urban Ministry. Madi interned for First United Methodist Church of Brownwood for 4 years working as a small group leader for the children's and middle school ministry, as well as being a worship leader for the high school ministry. She is a Texas native who has since lived in Virginia and Georgia during her years in college. Madi loves traveling, creating art, and binge-watching reality tv. She is the second oldest of 8 siblings and 3 step-siblings. She hopes to someday work in poverty alleviation in urban communities.

Is Gen-Z Older Than You Think?

Hey there! My name is Madi Gosch. I’m a 21-year-old intern for the Orange Students team, and I am a bit of a Gen Z expert …  Well, I wouldn’t… Read More