Mark Oestreicher

Partner at The Youth Cartel

Mark Oestreicher is a partner in The Youth Cartel, providing services and resources for individual youth workers and organizations. Mark has authored a number of books, including A Beautiful Mess: What’s Right About Youth Ministry, Middle School Ministry: A Comprehensive Guide to Working with Early Adolescents, and Youth Ministry 3.0: A Manifesto of Where We’ve Been, Where We Are & Where We Need to Go. He’s been married to his wife Jeannie for 30 years, and they have two great kids: Riley (22) and Max (18).

Episode 18

RYM 018: Understanding Teenage Brains With Mark Oestreicher

Have you ever looked at one of your students and thought, “What were you thinking?” Well, thanks to new discoveries in adolescent brain development, we’re starting to find out. The… Read More
Episode 16

RYM 016: Storytime With Marko – The History Of Youth Ministry

It's no secret that, over time, youth culture has become the dominant culture in our world today. Because of that shift, the way we do youth ministry has also changed.… Read More