Matt McKee

Episode 78

RYM 078: Can MS & HS Students Thrive In A Combined Youth Ministry Environment?

There are tons of differences between a 6th grader and a senior in high school. Can they both thrive in the same environment? Can they both thrive in the same… Read More
Episode 1

RYM 001: How do I get my lead pastor to…?

Have you ever tried to get your lead pastor on board with an idea? If you've ever tried to get your lead pastor on board with a new event, a… Read More

Advice from Orange Specialists

3 Things Every College Student Needs to Hear from You

by Abbie Smith How many times do you think the average parent tells his or her child, “You need to eat your vegetables, little Johnny, or Jane?” A lot. And… Read More

Orange Strategy

You’ve Got Mail: Getting Students To Take The Next (1st) Step

As youth pastors, we want to come alongside students and help them take the next step (or first step) on their journey of faith. But sometimes the hardest part is… Read More

Orange Strategy

Batman, Robin and Inviting Students Into The Bigger Story of God

By Joel Larison I recently saw Christopher Nolan’s last installment of the Dark Knight Trilogy, Dark Knight Rises.  The movie was all that I wanted it to be. Suspenseful. Frightening.… Read More