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Cars, Cards, and Parents at Youth Group – How We Measure Success

By Jason Chenworth About a year and half ago, we began investigating the Orange philosophy, and spent a lot of time discussing it, working through the book, and praying.  We… Read More

Student Ministry Change: Getting Students To Attend and Serve on Sunday Mornings

By Greg Joiner I recently attended the Youth Specialties Conference in Atlanta, GA. I usually resonate with a few of the main session or breakout speakers and this year was… Read More

Mentoring Your Volunteers

by Chuck Bomar Within your student ministry, there is a group of people that may never know the life-giving connection of what it means to be a part of the… Read More

Cultivating Community

By Kristie McCollister Student ministry is hard. It often feels like it competes with so many other things in a student’s life: culture, school, extra curricular activities, friends, etc. But… Read More

Importance of Community In Youth Ministry

By Ben Read  Odds are you have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child. My wife and I have not entered the phase of life where… Read More

Leaning into the XP3 Orange Strategy

By Todd Newsom I was first exposed to XP3 in the summer of 2008 at BigStuf Daytona. It was our first time to attend, and I had just drank from… Read More

Why Experience

Experience. Seems like a simple word. One with which we are intuitively familiar. But when was the last time you actually looked at the definition? Experience is “practical contact; it’s… Read More

The Value of Customizing Small Group Material

By Kurt Halvorsen The dream of every student pastor/point person is to purchase small group material in a box, add a small group leader, and then sit back and watch… Read More

What’s Your Context?

One of the many great values XP3 Students adds to a student ministry is that it provides practical, biblical and theological content. However, one thing it doesn’t provide is context.… Read More

Customizing XP3 Students Curriculum

by Ryan Millard  At Relevant Student Ministry we use XP3 curriculum to drive our programming and small groups for our mid week gathering. A lot of factors played into that… Read More

Speaking Spiritually in Small Groups

As we crank up our high school program every Sunday afternoon, it is obvious to me how important small group leaders are to our ministry. I can recover from a… Read More

Cueing Parents

In today's church, ministering to the whole family and partnering with parents are hot topics—in staff meetings, on book covers and in blog posts. Everyone seems to agree that both… Read More