Rodney Anderson

Rodney Anderson is a pastor, a writer, and a communicator who has been in ministry full time since 2000. He partners with Orange to develop curriculum for middle and high school students. He is currently the director of singles for all campuses of North Point Ministries. He lives in Roswell, Georgia, with his wife, Sarah, his two boys, Asher and Pace, and absolutely positively no cats.

The One Thing I Would Never Cut from My Youth Ministry Budget

During my first year as a student pastor, I was given an annual ministry budget of $500. Yes, you read that correctly. Just $500 for the entire year. That amount… Read More
Episode 77

RYM 077: Why You Need To Market Your Youth Ministry

For many of us, the word “marketing” conjures up unsettling, slightly slimy images of trying to sell people things they don’t need. But the truth is, marketing doesn’t have to… Read More

Leading a Volunteer from a Fan to a Raving Fan

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How To Not Lose Your Influence

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3 Ways to Keep Ideas Fresh

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Saying Goodbye: How To Transition Well

Sooner or later, most of us will transition out of the role or the job we are in now. As we all know, where we start is hardly ever where… Read More