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The Most Important Thing You Can Do With Your Student Leaders

With most members of Gen Z being born after 9/11, the most defining event in their lifetime is the Great Recession. Beginning in 2007, this economic era is widely considered… Read More

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Identifying Student Leaders

“Imagine a large river with a high waterfall. At the bottom of this waterfall hundreds of people are working frantically trying to save those who have fallen into the river… Read More

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Why Influnsr?

Once upon a time there lived a pencil maker. Not just any pencil maker, mind you. The absolute, unequivocally greatest pencil maker in the history of pencils. His attention to… Read More

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The Perfect Storm: What Makes a Student Camp Successful

On October 28, 1991, a nor'easter off the coast of Nova Scotia absorbed Hurricane Grace and collided with a third weather system. The convergence of those three weather systems was… Read More