Tyreke Wesley

Tyreke Wesley is an engaging communicator with a purpose to help people take the next step forward. In 2011, he obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Morehouse college, followed by a Masters in Divinity from The Candler School of Theology at Emory University in 2014. Tyreke is serving as a Teacher in South West Atlanta and a Youth Minister at The Breakthrough Fellowship in Smyrna, GA. He has worked with inner-city youth for over ten years. Tyreke is devoted to his beautiful wife, Shakeira Wesley, and his two amazing and talented children, Tyson and Jordyn.

Episode 97

RYM 097: Fake It Until You Make It – Fighting Imposter Syndrome As A Youth Ministry Leader

No matter how many years you’ve been serving and communicating as a youth ministry leader, self-doubt can creep in and leave you wondering if you’re doing it well—or worse, if… Read More
Episode 96

RYM 096: Creating Trainings Your Small Group Leaders And Volunteers Want To Attend

There's no shortage of topics that could come up in small group with middle school and high school students—theology, dating, anxiety, family dynamics, the list goes on. And as ministry… Read More
Episode 87

RYM 087: Taking Care Of Your Own Mental Health As A Youth Ministry Leader

If you work with students, you’re probably aware of the mental health crisis happening in student culture today. At the same time though, sometimes it’s easy to forget that these… Read More
Episode 83

RYM 083: A Student In My Youth Ministry Just Started Following Jesus…NOW WHAT?

As youth ministry leaders, we spend a ton of our time and energy creating environments, refining messages, and organizing events—all with the goal of helping students discover who Jesus is.… Read More
Episode 53

RYM 053: “I’m Just A Youth Pastor” And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

“When are you going to be a real pastor?” “If you just teach Sunday School, what else do you do during the week?” “Where do you see yourself in five… Read More