Will Hutcherson

Will has been working with kids and teenagers for the past 13 years—from leading five students in a small rural church setting to leading as a NextGen pastor at a multisite church with four campuses. Most recently, Will started a non-profit organization, partnering with parents and educators to help heal despair in teens through school assemblies and parent seminars. In addition to speaking in schools, Will has recently become a Student/Next Gen Pastor at Journey Church in Palm Beach County, Florida. He currently coaches youth workers through Orange’s You Lead program and is passionate to see the next generation come to know Christ by partnering with church leaders everywhere. He lives in the sunshine state with his wife, Arianne, and children, Liam, Reese, and Kinsley.

Episode 99

RYM 099: What’s Going On In A Teenager’s Brain In Moments Of Despair And Grief

When teenagers experience feelings of despair and grief, it can often lead to outcomes like disconnecting relationally and shutting down emotionally. And yet, it's in these moments that students need… Read More