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The Challenge (Part 3)

Over the past two weeks, we have been spotlighting special needs inclusion in student (youth) ministry environments.  Today's post is the third and final part of this series, where Amy Fenton Lee (Director… Read More

Volunteer Maintenance

Growing up in the “Hoosier State,” Indiana, you have little to no option of enjoying the great game of Basketball. You know every line of the movie Hoosiers, you root… Read More

The Challenge (part 2)

This is our second week spotlighting special needs inclusion in student ministry environments.  Today's post is the second of three where Amy Fenton Lee (Director of Special Needs Initiatives for Orange and… Read More

The Challenge (part 1)

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re spotlighting special needs inclusion in student ministry environments. Today's post is the first of three posts where Amy Fenton Lee (Director of Special Needs… Read More

7 Secrets to Multi-Site Student Ministry

Multi-site church is the only kind of ministry I know and over the past 10 years here is what I have learned from doing student ministry in a multi-site world. Read More

Parents Just Don’t Understand

By Ben Kerns In 1989, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, also known as Will Smith, produced a song titled "Parents Just Don't Understand".  Obviously in this song, Fresh Prince raps about… Read More

Strategic Service: Developing Service-Minded Hearts

by Nina Schmidgall As leaders, it is important that we are convinced that strategic service is truly an opportunity to be shareholders in the work God is doing through the… Read More


By Josh Robinson I met with some key volunteers today as we discussed how to improve in our greeting and small group ministry. We had a great conversation about the… Read More

Volunteers Put The Relational In Relational Ministry

By Ben Kerns Every youth worker I know affirms the high value of relational ministry.  We all know that programs aren’t what matter most to students, and play an even… Read More

3 Components To An Effective Leader’s Meeting

By Ben Kerns Every week before youth group we have a half hour leader’s meeting for our volunteer youth staff. This is, by far, the most important meeting of my… Read More

5 Questions You Need to Ask to Build Parent Partnerships

By Ryan Reed Every person who works with teenagers, including youth pastors, teachers, recreation leaders, coaches, and so on, must critically consider how to build bridges into parent partnerships for… Read More

A Story of How A Methodist Student Pastor Renovated His Youth Room

By Julian Molina Renovation projects in the church context are never easy, but they feel especially complicated if you are a student pastor, renovating your student space.  Attempting to renovate ANYTHING… Read More