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Partnering with Parents

Parents Just Don’t Understand

By Ben Kerns In 1989, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, also known as Will Smith, produced a song titled "Parents Just Don't Understand".  Obviously in this song, Fresh Prince raps about… Read More

Orange Strategy

Strategic Service: Developing Service-Minded Hearts

by Nina Schmidgall As leaders, it is important that we are convinced that strategic service is truly an opportunity to be shareholders in the work God is doing through the… Read More

How To

Best Practices for Using Social Media to Communicate with Teens

by Elle Campbell Okay, I have a little quiz for you. Check all that apply. Do you . . . Minister to teenagers? Minister to parents of teenagers? Minister to children who will eventually become teenagers? Have… Read More

Orange Strategy

Equipping New Small Group Leaders

by Jennifer McMillian Congratulations! You’ve recruited some new volunteers that you are really excited about. They understand the importance of relational ministry and seem eager to invest in the lives… Read More

Orange Strategy

Leader’s Heart

by Tom Shefchunas Leadership is a complicated thing. I often get chances to speak at conferences for student ministers. I love to do them. I love to share ideas and… Read More