We are finally going to gather in a space with other like-minded leaders. I know that the last couple of years has been challenging. Honestly, even saying that doesn’t seem to cover what everyone has been through. Coming to OC22 will give you space to learn, laugh, and be encouraged. Our prayer is for you to leave feeling more human through our strategic breakout sessions.

As a small church leader, I know that you want to make the right choices when picking breakout sessions. But there are so many choices! I know this is a little bit of an Enneagram eight flex, but here are the breakouts I would go to in order to maximize your time at OC22.


How to Create Experiences Teens Love to Attend


As a ministry coach and a full-time Orange Student Specialist, the most-asked question I’ve been asked in the last year is “How do I re-engage my students?”

Let’s not do what we have always done. As leaders, we have this amazing opportunity to curate a new model of ministry. Why not leave OC22 with a notebook full of new ideas on creating a space that will re-energize your students and keep them engaged?

Leading Up in Youth Ministry


Oftentimes when we lead, we can feel stuck when we are not in charge. And, most of the time in youth ministry, we are not in charge. It can often paralyze us! This kind of thinking can keep us from moving our ministries forward. But, what if you could learn to nurture your vision and cultivate influence from right where you are?

If you could go back to your church with a playbook on how to handle all the challenging conversations and situations that come up, the ticket price alone to OC22 would become priceless! Everyone needs the tools from this breakout session to have crucial conversations with leadership.


It’s Just a Phase–So Don’t Miss It


If anything can move your family ministry forward, it’s knowing that every kid matters at every phase of their lives. So often, the people leading the ministries in your church are great at loving kids and students, but what if they could be trained in the critical phases of each kid and student?

Ministries need consistent adults, but the reason changes with each passing phase. Does your church act like every kid and student matters at every phase of their lives? It’s time to take back concrete ways to ensure every leader can say yes to that question. This breakout session could lead your ministries to the next level.


Youth Ministry in Stressful Times


Our students, families, and volunteers are dealing with so much right now that we need to find new ways to help pastor our people. In a world that is weary, finding new ways to cultivate hope could be the best information you could take back to your ministry. I know you, as a small church leader, have been stretched so far over the last few years and sometimes we can get so bogged down in the day-to-day that it feels almost impossible to try to create one more way to pastor your people. I think this breakout will give you some new ways to help your families find ways to deal with the stress they are feeling.


If you want to maximize your OC22 experience, one of the best things you can do is purchase an All-Access Audio Pass. You will get access to audio recordings of all of the breakout sessions you would be missing. Also, you’ll also get to re-listen to all of your favorite moments from main stage. With this easy add-on, you can keep learning how to make your leadership and ministry more human . . . even after you leave conference.

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