In the middle of a pandemic, there’s no one idea or quick fix that can serve as a solution for ministry right now—but it’s always been our mission as a non-profit to be a part of providing help and solutions for churches that need it.


In all the change—you’ve probably been forced to re-evaluate what ministry looks like in the months ahead. What if you could lean into the change, and approach the next year through a new lens with entirely new strategy? Join Mike & Crystal as they introduce four filters and a new way to plan your year. 



When you re-open, how are you going to that safely? Plus…

  • What are good practices for keeping your students safe?
  • How do you approach the transition?
  • What should you say to parents? 

Listen in as Frank Bealer from Phase Family Centers—a preschool, a theatre, and a portable church—discusses their process for reopening. Then, download the notes from today in the 2-Page PDF 9 Tips To Re-Open Your Ministry Safely.  

How Do I Lead My Volunteers Now!?

One thing hasn’t changed about ministry in the last few months. You still need volunteers. Now, maybe more than ever. But with everything that’s changed you might also be asking: “How do I lead my volunteers now!?”

Join us in the first week of What’s Next, as we talk about leading our volunteers through a crisis.



  • (5/28) Join the conversation as we talk about how to lead volunteers through a crisis.
  • (5/12) Senior Sunday just released! It’s a FREE resource to help you celebrate your seniors this Spring.
  • (4/24) We updated our Digital Experience Guide to give you 7 more weeks of XP3 Curriculum! Get it here. 


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We’re helping churches take their services online by giving you seven weeks of XP3 curriuclum, and providing you with a guide to contexualizing curriculum in this season.

You’ll have three ways to deliver great teaching & discussion to your students.

1. Host A Service Online Your Own Way. Contexualize, and do what you do best with it! Adapt it, upload it, and have great discussions!

2. Use Playlister for the easiest way to assemble and distrubte a digital service, without needing a streaming platform or complicated software! You can use our teaching videos, or record yourself and send through Playlister.

3. Use our Vimeo Links. We uploaded our teaching videos to Vimeo to give you the easiest way to share this week’s teaching.

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4 Things That Are Better About Digital Ministry

4 Things That Are Better About Digital Ministry

In some ways, this pandemic and quarantine are a heartbreaking new normal, and yet somehow during the week after our first online small group, I couldn’t seem to shake a question I had never expected to ask: What if digital ministry is better? 

Using Digital Devotional Plans in Your Youth Ministry

Using Digital Devotional Plans in Your Youth Ministry

We’re living in a mobile-first world. That means—most students (and really, most people!) are regularly accessing everything that’s important to them on their phones first. From banking information and receipts, to photos and emails, and yes, even the tools they need...