If you’ve been working with students for a while, you know there’s no topic more important to them than their friends. For both the student who has a ton of friends and the student who’s struggling to find one friend, this topic hits home. No matter where the students in your ministry sit on the social ladder, relationships in high school are important; who they hang out with, who influences them, and how they treat their crew matters.

That’s why we’re so excited to release this series called CREW, written by Doug Fields. If you’ve been in student ministry for longer than ten minutes, you’ve probably heard of Doug Fields. He’s one of the pioneers of student ministry and has invested over thirty years into leading, understanding, and teaching all things student ministry.

In this series we’ll be walking students through some very practical ways they can improve their friendships. We’ll talk about how our friends influence our decisions, whether or not we should take our friends’ advice, and how to resolve conflict when our friendships encounter bumps in the road.

As a communicator you might sometimes wonder, Is this connecting? Do students really care about this topic? You don’t have to worry about that with this series. This is a topic that sits very close to the hearts of your students. Whether your students speak up or not, this is something they’re thinking about, experiencing, and dealing with emotionally every week. And they should! Because their friendships today have a lot to do with what their tomorrow and their future is going to look like.

We think this series is going to be really helpful and applicable for every student in your ministry. Our suggested teaching dates for this series are March 19th, March 26th, and April 2nd. If you’re an XP3 High School subscriber, be sure to login to your account to download this series now! If you’re new to XP3, you can start a free trial with us today by clicking here.

We would love to hear how your students respond to this series. Please share your excitement and stories with us and with Doug Fields!

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Want to learn more about the CREW series? Watch the bumper video here:

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