A few years ago, the XP3 team sat down with a few influential student pastors.  In one of our creative meetings, we asked two  questions:

(1)  What are the roadblocks that prevent student pastors from partnering with parents?

(2)  How can we overcome these roadblocks?

After wrestling with these two questions for a few hours here is what we came up with:

Roadblock #1:  Disengaged Parents

Ways to overcome:

–  Encourage and equip small group leaders to communicate and connect with parents directly

–  Purposefully pursue each disengaged parent

Roadblock #2:  Technology

Ways to overcome:

–  Begin teaching parents about how to use technology and why their teen uses it some much

–  Use technology to communicate with parents

–  Use technology to help inform, equip and encourage parents

Roadblock #3:  Unconventional Family

Ways to overcome:

–  Engage single parents in community with other parents

–  Be careful with language.  Don’t always assume all kids have a mom and a dad.

–  Support groups to refer for help

–  Involve the wider church community

Roadblock #4:  Economically Afflicted

Ways to overcome:

–  Fewer but more strategic events

–  Make funds available through fundraising

–  Allocate scholarship money in student ministry budget

Roadblock #5:  Young Student Pastors

Ways to overcome:

–  Be humble and listen to parents needs and feedback

–  Outsource ministry to parents to the “older – empty nester” parents

–  Create a parent board that is compiled with key, trusted and influential parents that student pastor can consult with


So we are going throw these two questions at you?  What are the barriers to partnering with parents?  And how do we overcome these barriers?




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