How do you know if your students are actually growing in their faith?

How do you as the Youth Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, or Small Group Leader help students grow in their relationship with God?

Is it just about what you teach them?

Or is there more?

How do we help students make their faith their own?

What we do know is there is a difference between…

  • Knowing about someone
  • Meeting them
  • Getting to know them better over time.

And just like with people, getting to know God is different than just knowing about Him or having a single experience with Him. Getting to know Him, like anyone else, takes intentionality, effort and time spent together.

And while it doesn’t happen in a moment, we think there are four specific skills we can help our students develop in order for them to know God better and build an authentic faith of their own.

Hear: Hearing from God through His Word, His creation and His people.

Pray: Talking to God.

Talk: Talking about faith with friends and mentors and hearing them talk about their faith.

Live: Learning to worship by living life in a way that honors God.

The XP3 curriculum is designed to help students exercise these faith skills so that they can grow stronger and deeper in their faith. So when students complete their Daily Devotionals, attend the normal programming time, or engage in the Expansion Packs, students are regularly practicing these four faith skills and are building a solid foundation for their faith.

And what’s great for both you and your students is that all of the XP3 curriculum (including the Curriculum Expansion Packs) are aligned for better retention and cohesiveness in your message.

Because we believe that students will walk away remembering more of what you’ve taught them when they have a chance to experience and practice the content more than one time and in more than one way. Because at the end of the day, if your students retain what you’ve shared, they’ll be more likely to incorporate the skills and knowledge in their day-to-day lives and into their relationship with God.

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