You can never have enough student ministry game ideas, right?

Here are more trench tested student ministry games that work:


This well known game is an old favorite. With one fewer chairs than people, play some Christmas music while the students move around the room. Arrange all the chairs in the middle of the room. When the music stops, everyone tries to find a chair to sit in. The person who doesn’t find a chair is “out.” One chair is taken away and the game continues until only one person is left. For the winner, you may want to have a fun Christmas, prize such as a Santa hat or a candy cane.


This game is basically reverse charades. Instead of one person acting out scenes, the crowd does the acting, and one person stands up front as the guesser; their role is to figure out what the crowd is acting out.

Divide the room into 2 teams. Designate one person from each team to be that team’s guesser, and bring them to the front. Then, for each team, show the item on a piece of paper to everyone but the person who is guessing. Tell the crowd that they cannot mouth out what the thing is, and they can’t say/whisper anything. The crowd simply has to act out the item to the person up front. When the person up front guesses correctly, that team moves on to the next item. The first team to complete all the items is the winner!

For this game you will need:

  • One leader from each team who will hold up the cards so that the crowd knows what item to act out.
  • Ten items written on separate pieces of cardstock (or paper) for each team. You should have the same items for each team, but mix up the order a bit. For example, you could use these items for the crowd to act out: Taylor Swift, Kobe Bryant, snowman, superman, Twilight, computer, Lord of the Rings, the Bible, Flaming Hot Cheetos, getting your nose pierced, mountain climbing, etc. Then, use those same items for the other team but mix up the order.



 If your group is small enough, you can play this game all together (or if you have more than 10 people, you can divide into groups of 6-8). To start the game, everyone in the circle needs to take a minute to think of 2 things that are true about himself/herself, and one thing that is a lie. Then, one by one, invite each student to tell these 3 stories (2 truths and 1 lie). The rest of the group has to vote on which story they think is the lie.

For example, I would say: (1) I don’t like chocolate. (2) I have been snorkeling with sharks. (3) Once, I got poison ivy in my mouth. Then the group would vote on which item was the lie. (I have never had poison ivy.)

The point of the game is to trick the people in your group—so you want to make sure it seems like your “lie” is legitimate, like it actually happened. Each person in the group gets to tell 2 truths and a lie.


Where: This is an inside game best played in the front of the room.

Supplies Needed: cue cards, dance songs, blank pieces of paper, pens, some gross food items.

Number of Participants: 3-6 students

Game Length: 10 minutes

Grossness Level: Low

Safety Level: Low

Instructions: Contestants are brought up front by a game show host. They are then asked the question, “What Christmas carol is this supposed to be?” (See clues below) If they get it right, they get a point; if they get it wrong they have to either DANCE or take the DARE.

If they choose DANCE-You can use well known dances (Macarena, the Wop, the Twist, Gangham Style, etc.).

If they choose DARE- students have to do things like singing Elvis style, perform “I’m Little Teapot” or eat some gross food that’s available.

Here are some “guess the Christmas Carol” clues:

  1. Not here in an animal’s dish
  2. Smack the Passageways
  3. Move and speak towards the elevated plains
  4. Yahweh sleep you happy dudes
  5. Hey! The #1 angelic beings belt it out.
  6. It showed up on a cloudless 12 at night
  7. Shaking Chimes
  8. Happiness to the planet
  9. 12-25 shrubbery song
  10. Get here if you’re reliable
  11. Like a strainer + time when the sun is down
  12. Small city of Christ’s birth song (O’ Little Town of Bethlehem)
  13. Quiet non-day
  14. The premier not 12th letter of the alphabet
  15. XII 24hrs. of 12-25
  16. Not down on the roof of the home
  17. Us Trio that’s royalty from China (exist)
  18. Us dream not us a happy December 25th
  19. Spill the 411 on the baby
  20. Small percussionist lad
  21. Tim Allen’s movie character will appear in a hood
  22. Song about a hoofed animal with a crimson schnozola
  23. Chilled the crystallized H20 male
  24. Don’t stop the winter precipitation
  25. Traversing in a 4th season amazing country


Answers to Christmas Carol quiz:

  1. Away in a Manger
  2. Deck the Halls
  3. Go Tell It on the Mountain
  4. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
  5. Hark! The Herald Angels Sind
  6. It Cam Upon A Midnight Clear
  7. Jingle Bells
  8. Joy to the World
  9. O’ Christmas Tree
  10. O’ Come All Ye Faithful
  11. O’ Holy Night
  12. O’ Little Town of Bethlehem
  13. Silent Night
  14. The First Noel
  15. The 12 Days of Christmas
  16. Up on the Housetop
  17. We 3 Kings of Orient (Are)
  18. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  19. What Child is This?
  20. Little Drummer Boy
  21. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  22. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
  23. Frosty the Snowman
  24. Let it Snow
  25. Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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