As we on the XP3 team have been gearing up for this new 2011-2012 school year, we’ve been doing a little remodeling with you, our partners, in mind and are excited to share some of our newest features with you. Take a look!

Annual Partnership: Want to get the most support available to you as an XP3 partner? Our Level 2 Annual Partnership plan gives you a partner that supports you in every area of your student ministry. An annual partnership includes resources to help you in the following critical ministry areas: Yearly Planning, Leadership Development—both for you and your team—and Strategy Consulting. As well, as a Level 2 Partner you will have access to Additional Bonus Resources that we have hand-picked to help you connect with your students, their families and your leadership teams. For more information about our Annual Partnership, check out

 Scope and Cycle: We have created a Scope and Cycle to help you make the most of your calendar year, and touch on the themes that regularly occur in the life of your students. For a full year at a glance, simply click the Scope and Cycle icon (available on each of the monthly tabs) to access a downloadable PDF, or you can see the full scope and cycle on page six of the XP3 Series Catalog.

Speaking of the Scope and Cycle, Christmas is right around the corner and we are excited to be releasing our latest Christmas series, Unwrapping Christmas. While Christmas is that warm and fuzzy time of the year when our spirits are up and the holiday cheer abounds, for many of us it consists of the same old routine. Before we know it, another Christmas has come and gone and we are left feeling empty and a bit let down. In this series, we take a look at the Christmas story in a fresh way and with some new insights to be reminded that Jesus is more than just the reason for the season. He’s the start of a life revolution that lasts all year round!

We are excited to be partnering with you as you do the tough work of in-the-trenches ministry, and we look forward to hearing all about what you see happening in your students’ lives! As always, please send any stories our way at

The XP3 Team


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