Every XP3 series has a music playlist that we’ve put together especially for your ministry environment. With a unique playlist for each series, your environment will always feel sound fresh and exciting to students as they walk into the room. The right music can help students relax and engage, which is exactly what you want as they’re waiting for the service to start.

Of course, it’s no secret that popular music isn’t always clean or beneficial for students to listen to. But being relevant to a student’s ears doesn’t have to come at the expense of playing provocative or controversial music. That’s why we vet all of the music in our playlists for content and language. You don’t have to worry about an inappropriate word slipping into your environment because you didn’t listen to a song the whole way through. And you don’t have to wonder if some new song about loving tacos is really about tacos, or if “tacos” means something different now to high school students.

Now that you know why we provide the XP3 playlists, where do you find them? Spotify doesn’t always make it easy to find a user’s playlists. So here’s a quick instructional video to show you exactly how to find all of our playlists using the Spotify app.


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