One of the most common questions we get from youth pastors goes something like this:

“My youth ministry meets twice a week, but XP3 Curriculum is only designed for a once a week gathering that contains both a large group and a small group time. What should I do during the other gathering I have each week?”

We hear you! Whether it’s Sunday School, a mid-week gathering, or an additional small group time, we know so many of you have to come up with programming and content for more than just one night a week in your ministry.

Up until this point, you’ve probably had to purchase another curriculum, spend valuable time writing your own, stretch the XP3 series into two parts, or maybe something else altogether! (Youth pastors are the most creative people on the planet, right?)

Whatever it is you’ve had to do to make it work, we know it has to be costing you valuable time and money.

Well, we’ve got good news for you! We’ve been working hard on a solution for that very problem, and after having 70+ youth ministries beta test for us, we’re thrilled to share this new product with you now!

Introducing the XP3 Curriculum Expansion Pack

Designed to work alongside XP3 High School and XP3 Middle School curriculum, the Expansion Pack gives you additional content and programming building on each week of curriculum through engaging conversations, developmentally appropriate activities, and prayer beyond small group time.

What’s included?

We’re so glad you asked. You’ll find easy to follow leader guides for you or your volunteers and black and white printable student guides to walk your students through an engaging time of discussion and activity.

How does it work with my current XP3 curriculum?

Each piece of the Expansion Pack is built around what we call the Four Faith Skills.

  1. Hear: Prompting students toward Scripture or pointing them toward God’s creation.
  2. Talk: Prompting students to talk to someone about their faith, to ask people questions, or to have a conversation with someone about faith.
  3. Live: Prompting students to respond to their faith through worship and service.
  4. Pray: Prompting students to pray with people or by themselves, through writing or speaking out loud.

With the Expansion Pack, you’ll get a section for each of the faith skills and a prompt underneath to help students dive deeper into the topic and scriptures discussed that week. As the leader, you can pick which sections you want to go through with your students or you can cover them all! You can adjust how much time you spend on each faith skill for your group and around the length of your time together.

Because the daily devotionals in your XP3 curriculum are also organized by the four faith skills, your main weekly program is where the lesson unfolds, your second weekly gathering is where students take steps deeper into the content, and your student daily devotionals are where students have a chance to interact with the truths on their own, meaning the messages communicated to your students throughout the week are all aligned (cue the confetti)!

By trying to help students understand and apply one main thing, we hope they internalize it deeper and understand how to apply it to their everyday lives, rather than trying to teach them three different things and hoping at least one of them sticks. Remember, depth isn’t the amount of information, it’s the application of information.

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How do I use it?

The content should be used following your main gathering. Is your main gathering on Sunday nights? Use the Expansion Pack content in your Wednesday night environment.

Have your main gathering on Thursday nights? Use the Expansion Pack content that following Sunday morning in small groups or Sunday School time.

Need help figuring out your ministry’s schedule? Reach out to your Orange Specialist!

We have also discovered this Expansion Pack works well for ministries who only have a program once a week, but they have a few small groups who want to go deeper. When you identify those groups, this is an excellent resource to allow them to continue challenging themselves, while keeping them aligned with what the ministry is doing as a whole.

We can’t wait to make life a little easier for those of you with multiple gatherings by taking the weight of planning off your shoulders with the Expansion Pack.

Want a closer look or need to try it before you buy it?

Download a preview of the XP3 High School Expansion Pack for our Into The Wild series and the XP3 Middle School Expansion Pack for our Uncharted series.

Ready to purchase? You can find the Fall 2018 XP3 Curriculum Expansion packs in the Orange Store!

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