Sometimes a refresh is just…refreshing…isn’t it?


Well, the time has come to refresh two of the most popular collections of standalone talks in XP3 Middle School (MS) and XP3 High School (HS) curriculum.


If you’ve used XP3 in the past, you’ve encountered our “Trending” and “I Have Questions” collections. These include standalone talks aimed at setting up great small group conversations around some of the biggest topics for teenagers. We’ve started conversations on topics like divorce, race, vaping, and money. Of course, each week of these standalone talks are crafted to be phase appropriate and grounded in Biblical perspectives.


Now, it’s time to introduce a brand-new approach to the topics Gen Z care about most . . .


New XP3 Collections for Big Topics for Teenagers


Coming Fall 2022, both XP3 MS and XP3 HS are introducing two brand new, on-going collections of standalone talks. These talks are to help students, leaders, parents, and youth workers have better conversations about big topics.


XP3 MS is introducing “Let’s Talk,” a new collection of standalone talks aimed at creating meaningful conversations for middle schoolers.


Our heart behind this new collection is to create opportunities for middle schoolers to talk about things they may see or hear about in their everyday lives. With that, the goal is to help them consider what it looks like for faith to intersect with these topics.


The “Let’s Talk” title is intended to be a clear invitation for middle schoolers to join a conversation. We’ll use the content in these talks to break down big ideas for the purpose of starting great conversations rather than trying to explain each topic to middle schoolers. In fact, we hope these standalone talks become some of the most engaging and memorable ones for the middle schoolers in your ministry.


XP3 HS is introducing “Elevate” a collection of talks aimed at elevating conversations around important topics.


High schoolers will have the chance over the next year of curriculum to have elevated conversations around the topics of bullying, anxiety, suicide, and media literacy. These topics alone are intended to spark impactful conversations within the context of the ministry you lead. But, we’re not stopping at just mentioning important topics…


Here are a few keys things that make “Elevate” unlike any collection of talks we’ve done before:


We’re including more conversations.


With “Elevate,” we are elevating opportunities to both see conversations modeled and help students start conversations of their own. Look for more conversations aimed at helping students build a faith of their own. We’ll have interviews with experts, exclusive conversations with teenagers, and even more discussion opportunities.


We’re including more short-form think piece to help start conversations.


You can expect more visual art, poetry, social experiments, and other engaging content. These will help your students connect to the content in new ways and through different learning styles.


We’re asking questions that lean into the unique way high schoolers think.


In the high school phase, teenagers think like philosophers. They are beginning to see the world differently. Also, they are starting to wonder how all of the pieces are meant to be put together. We’ll be asking questions that take culture, arts, and sciences into account. Plus, we’ll be elevating the vantage point of our perspectives on these topics by looking at it all through the lens of Jesus.


We’re approaching large and small group time a little differently.


If you use teaching videos, you’ll notice things like pauses for reflection or conversations during the talk. Or you’ll see things like additional questions in the SGL Guides. We’re aiming to create an elevated curriculum experience so that your students and their leaders can have elevated conversations around these important topics.


New XP3 Curriculum Starting Fall 2022


Both “Let’s Talk” and “Elevate” will be heading to curriculum subscribers starting in the Fall 2022 season of XP3.


We could not be more excited and hopeful about what God is going to do in the ministries you lead and in the lives of students as these conversations are opened up. Clearly, you are creating environments that are safe for MS and HS students to talk about anything. Our goal is to support you in starting some of those “anything” conversations, so that you can do what only you can do. Lean into the unique relationships you have.


Please know that we’re praying for you and cheering you on as you meet Gen Z students where they are in their lives and faith journeys.


Now, here’s to hoping for more great conversations in the days, months, and years ahead!

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