We love it when a plan comes together!

We bet you do, too! There’s nothing quite like having your whole ministry year planned out. That’s why every year, we give you a heads up on everything you’ll get this year and what’s coming up after that.

With XP3 curriculum, you get our 3-Year Plan called a Scope & Cycle (released every three years) and a 1-Year Plan (released every year) called a One Year Scope. If you aren’t familiar with the phrase “Scope & Cycle” or why every great ministry leader uses one, check out this post. And, if you want to learn more about planning your whole ministry year at once, check out our plan your year resource.

Now, on to the big news for this year!

Introducing The 2021-2022 One Year Scope

We call our big-picture view of the next three years Scope & Cycle. But if you zoom in (metaphorically) you’ll see a more detailed version we release every year. Like many of the churches we serve, our curriculum gets a fresh start every August and a master plan runs through the end of the following summer.  That’s why we offer a focused one-page preview of each quarter’s content over a year in advance. These plans will give you everything you need—from Scriptures to series titles to memory verses— in order to lay out your master plan for the year and communicate that plan with parents, volunteers and senior leaders.  Check them out for MS and HS below! (Click on the images below to download the full PDF version.) 

Middle School (6th-8th)

One-Year Scope

Concept Graphics Poster

High School (9th-12th)

One-Year Scope

Concept Graphics Poster

 What’s New This Year?

In addition to fresh series titles and new content for the new year, you may have noticed there are some more upgrades on this year’s scope! Here’s a quick tour!

The Annual Focus

As our team worked through the content for this year, the same idea kept coming up in every series: When you understand who Jesus really is, it changes everything. Over and over we kept finding ourselves underlining how knowing Jesus changes the way you see family, dating, big questions, doubts, serving, and everything else. We think it’s a big deal that teenagers know Jesus doesn’t just change their Sunday, but their everyday, too. That’s why we’ve decided to focus on that idea all year. In every series you’ll see the same idea mentioned:

  • XP3 High School: When you really understand who Jesus is, it changes everything.
  • XP3 Middle School: Knowing Jesus changes everything.

The Talk Direction

Every week students learn a bottom line that is memorable, but ministry leaders and parents and volunteers may want a clearer idea of what the whole talk is about. That’s why we’ve added a “talk direction” to give you the clearest idea of where each week is going in the series.

The Series Bottom Line

This won’t shock you. Even our best students don’t attend every week. That’s why we want to make sure there’s a statement or a phrase that communicates the heart of the series and is repeated every single week. That way, even if someone is misses a week of programming, they won’t miss the point of the whole series.

Scope & Cycle (3-Year Plan)

Our new Middle School and High School Scope & Cycles are updated for 2021-2024 Check them out below! (Click on the images below to download the full PDF version.)

3-Year Scope & Cycle

3-Year Scope & Cycle

The Why In the When: Teaching What Matters Most

Our Scope & Cycle is not determined by which dart hits which series on which month. There is a why in the when. First, we begin with the natural rhythms in a teenager’s year. When is prom? When do tryouts happen? What do they need to hear when school starts or the holidays are coming or spring is turning into summer? With those natural rhythms in mind, we begin to lay out a scope or a plan for teaching what matters most.  The three relational motives and the nine core insights—part of the strategy behind Orange and XP3— are key in helping us choose what makes up our year and when we have certain focuses. You can learn more about those below! (Click on the images below to download the full PDF version.)

Oh, and we know churches have busy calendars. So we build in a strategic break each quarter for church-wide events, camps or weekends off. Find out more about that here.

Wait. So, Where Do I Get The Whole Year?

Your whole year-long plan is available in the one year scope above, but series content (like teaching scripts and videos and graphics) get released quarterly for a very good reason!

As youth workers, we all know student culture moves FAST. The songs and images that are cool this week probably won’t be next month. The trends and cultural ideas that were booming last year are…well…kind of dated, now. That’s why we believe it’s super important to create content for students as close as possible to the time they’ll actually hear it!

Honestly, it would be must simpler to just create a whole year (or three years!) of content and sell is in a bundle, but we want to make sure you have the most up-to-date, timely content to set up your communicators, volunteers and parents well. To plan well, you can find the season release date in the upper right-hand corner of each page of the one-year scope.

We hope that the information above not only gives you a better idea of our “why in the when,” but also allows you to say what matters most to your students—in a way they will hear it, remember it, and know what to do about it this week.

Want to learn more about XP3 Students Curriculum or want to try it for free? Visit thinkorange.com/xp3 to learn more and try it for free!

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