Getting our students to connect with God personally is an area where a lot of student ministries struggle. Knowing God doesn’t happen in a moment. It’s not like your student will wake up one morning and BAM! They know God, they have Him all figured out, no doubts or questions. This is why Orange decided to develop Know God: A 28-day devotional for students.

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What it’s not: This devotional isn’t about knowing everything there is to know about God. Students can read every word in this book, fill in every blank, follow every suggestion, and still not understand ALL there is to know about God.

What it is: It is about students starting a journey to help them know God more and discover Him on their own. Because, even though there’s no checklist for knowing everything about God, there are a few things they can do every day that will help them know Him better. The Know God devotional can help your students learn how to have daily devotions while developing spiritual disciplines.

We invite you to check out Know God:

(XP3 Partners: The Game On series from our fall 2013 season includes four devotionals excerpted from Know God for you to give to your students. Game On is the suggested series to teach in late September/early October. The devotionals would be a great follow-up to the series for teens who are interested in developing a consistent daily time with God and His Word, or for simply learning more about God.)


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