Xp3 is designed to move students from large group to small group.  Small groups is the place where students not only are encouraged and influenced by their peers but also surrounded by a caring and loving adult who helps guides their spiritual growth.  Getting students in small groups is key when implementing XP3 Students.

Leading a small group is the best way to make a big difference.  A small group leader is able to go deep with just a few students.  This is exactly what your small group leaders chose to do when they signed up to lead a small group.  A small group is at the center of the Orange strategy and is where discipleship happens.

We are thrilled to talk about the new Orange book, Lead Small, written by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas.

Tom and Reggie write:  “When we lead small we simply make a choice to invest strategically in the lives of a few over time so we can help them build an authentic faith.”

Lead Small is not only a book but also a blog:   www.leadsmall.org . This blog is led by small group leaders so it can be a resource for small group leader.  It’s a place for them to come ask questions, get ideas, laugh out loud and know that they’re not alone!

We know every age group comes with different joys and different challenges. That’s why we have divided the Lead Small blog into three age groups so you can better access information most suited for your leaders.

We also know every small group is unique. That’s why instead of having just one small group leader write his/her thoughts and experiences from one small group, we have a team of veteran small group leaders for each age group writing the blog posts you see. They have been hand-picked for their experience, wisdom and wit.

So encourage your small group leaders to join the conversation! Have some fun! And hopefully learn a thing or two about leading and influencing the next generation.

Check it out at www.leadsmall.org. And tell your small group leaders to follow us on Twitter @LeadSmall.

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