At the core of the Orange Strategy is the idea to combine the influences of church and the home to fuel passion in the hearts of the next generation. The challenge is how to engage the parents and get them “on the same page” with the 3 Basic Truths that you pour into their children’s lives each week. We wonder if the Parent Cue pieces are left on the floor of the van each Sunday, or if they make their way into the homes and into the everyday lives of our families.

Andrea Goslee, director of River Kids at Rivers Crossing Community Church has implemented an idea that addresses these issues. On the first Sunday of each month they have a 15-minute skit for the parents and the preschoolers. In this skit they unpack the Key Question, the Bottom Line, and the Memory Verse for each month. This is their way of engaging the parents and reinforcing the Parent Cue information that is sent home each week. It gives a purpose for that paper! They create their skit around a theme that blends with their environment, and do so utilizing older children to portray the characters. This is a great way to involve the older kids in serving within the church, and what toddler isn’t captivated by “the big kids” as they perform on stage?

Through this short, 15-minute skit, Andrea is able to reach and educate her parents as to what’s going on at church AND reinforce what they can do at home to continue that learning. How do you let your parents know about the Parent Cue?