We wanted to take some time on the blog to introduce you to the people behind the words. We’ve asked each writer to write you a short letter to share with you. Today, we introduce Ashley Hiers. Ashley is part of the First Look creative team, writes activities for the two-year-olds’ curriculum and helps with multiple other writing tasks. First Look Friends, this is Ashley—

Hi Everyone,

My name is Ashley and I have the pleasure of being one of the curriculum writers for First Look.

I LOVE that God orchestrated this opportunity for my life.

I wear many hats like most of us do. In addition to writing, I am a wife to my loving and encouraging husband, Greg. I am mom to two kids: Zach, 11-year-old rising middle-schooler and avid basketball player; and Hadley, four-year-old firecracker, ballerina and lover of all things. I also teach in the Preschool at our church during the week, and I am a coach over several rooms in our Preschool environment on Sundays.

I get to see first hand what the children are learning each week and how their little lives are being impacted. I’m reminded daily, hourly, that what we do matters. Not just as parents, teachers or writers. How and what we teach our children matters. They are sponges, they get it.

Hadley recently told me she was ready to be baptized, that she knew that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for her sins. Wow! She gets it.

The repetition, the games, the activities, the music, the investment—it matters.