Here at Orange, we believe fun over the course of time matters. Shared fun makes relationships better. As a youth worker, it’s important to have fun with –

your students
your spouse
your significant other
your dog

Maybe you just need to do something fun by yourself. Therefore, fun is the official sponsor of today’s post.

Let’s keep this simple. We know what you’re thinking. Yes, we know what you’re thinking right now.
You’re thinking:

– about what you’re going to grill tomorrow
– about what kind of fireworks you’re going to shoot tomorrow
– where you can get fireworks to shoot tomorrow
– if it’s legal in your state to buy and shoot fireworks tomorrow
– and whether you should watch your local fireworks, the Washington D.C. fireworks, or the New York City fireworks. On tv. Tomorrow

We know your Independence Day celebration will be spectacular. But we’re here to help you make it even more spectacular. We’re certain that after watching this video you’ll be more ready than ever to celebrate Independence Day. You might even experience emotion you’ve never felt. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be emotional.

So, on the 238th anniversary of our nation’s independence from tyranny, celebrate like never before.

Oh yeah, also……Oh Canada.

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