The Bible isn’t just a book of random stories; it’s 66 books written by 40 authors over 1,600 years, and it all comes together to tell One Story. One incredible overarching narrative about God’s loving pursuit of us, His children.

That’s pretty remarkable.

It’s why we believe you have a unique calling as a leader—to do everything you can to tell the best story ever told in a way that connects with the minds and hearts of the next generation. We are not simply trying to get a generation to love the story of God, but to fall in love with the God of the story—the One Big Story.

Here at Orange, every month and with every series, we weave the Big Story into our age-specific curriculum—First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 Students. However, we understand that there may be times when you feel it’s important to take a step back and be reminded of the big picture.

That’s why before Orange Conference 2013, we are releasing a new eight-week curriculum called One Big Story. Consisting of individual series, One Big Story is designed to be used for a season either with a specific age group or church-wide with three different age groups—preschool, elementary and middle school/high school students.

Curious? You’ll soon be able to find more info at our website,, but here’s some FAQs that may answer some questions you have now.

How do I use this?

Each One Big Story series spans all age groups—preschool, elementary, middle/high school students. For eight weeks, you can do a church-wide series to create energy around a singular idea. Or your church has the flexibility to implement a Big Story series in any of the individual age groups.

As an existing XP3 subscriber, you will also have the option to license the Continuum series with your credits through the “All Series” tab.

What all is included?

Many of the components that are included with a normal monthly download of any of our age-specific curriculums (First Look, 252 Basics and XP3 Students).

How much does it cost?

As a current subscriber, you have two options for purchasing One Big Story.

Option 1: You can purchase the series to implement in addition to your normal environments. Pricing is based on the number of children who regularly attend your ministry environment.

# of Students (price shown is for each series)

1-25 $199 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

26-50 $249 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

51-75 $299 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

76-100 $349 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

101-200 $399 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

201-400 $449 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

401+ $499 per series (preschool, elementary or students)

Or Option 2: If you have an active account for XP3 Students, you can “license” the One Big Story: Continuum series using your credits in the XP3 Available Series tab, visible when you log in to your account. The videos for the series are sold separately as downloadable videos from the Orange store and can be purchased individually or for a special bundle price of $98.

What are the series called?

Series One: Turn It Up (Preschool)

Series One: Turn It Up (Elementary)

Series One: Continuum (Students)

What is included with the Continuum series?

Continuum contains all the normal components of a series from XP3 Students, including:

• Scripts/outlines for both high school and middle school (for eight sessions)

• Small Group Dialogs for both high school and middle school (for eight sessions)

• Environment ideas, games

• XP (experiential activity)

• Parent CUE

• Graphic support

• Bumper video*

• 8 Video Communicators*

* If you decide to “license” Continuum using your existing XP3 credits, the videos are sold separately and can be purchased individually or for a special bundle price of $98 on the Orange store.

I notice that you are calling these series “Series One.” Will there be more series released?

Yes. We have plans to release other strategic series, however our primary focus will still be our ongoing age-specific curriculum. . . so don’t hold your breath for the next series!

To find out more about One Big Story, stay tuned to We’ll be launching a new site that will include pricing information and samples in late March/early April.


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