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We’ve started the countdown. In less than 12 months, my small group of teenage girls will have our last official, formal small group conversations. When I think about that, I can’t help but remember my very first group and how that conversation caught me off-guard, how I prepared exactly zero emotionally for the impact that moment would have.

So, in what may be a vast overreaction, I’m already planning that conversation now. Some parts I’ll never publish. They’re way too personal to each girl. But part of the conversations for each of them will go like this…

As you transition to life on your own, life as an adult, I want you to know you can’t do it alone. You were made to walk with people your age and people older than you who can help light the way. Up until this point, nearly every one of those older people has been assigned to you.

  • Your coaches
  • Your teachers
  • Your parents (who were assigned by God)
  • And even me.

But from this point forward, you’ll choose the people who lead you and I want to help you choose well. That’s why, as you go, I want you to pick a team. Go ahead and assume your parents and I are always on your team. But other than us, choose five people who fit these qualifications:

  1. They make wise decisions in their own life.
  2. They love you enough to tell you something you don’t want to hear if it helps you.

Then, text them and ask them to be on your team. I even wrote the text for you. Here it is:

Hey. You may know that I recently graduated. As I look toward what’s next, I realize that I’m going to need some wisdom and encouragement from people a little farther down the road than me. People like you.


I need a few trusted adults who make wise decisions in their own life and care about mine enough that will check in occasionally and help me navigate the first few months of adult life. Would you consider being on my team between now and the end of the semester? 

Sign up is easy. Just go to and click “I’m a mentor.” You’ll get emails letting you know when to check in, what to talk about, and why all this matters. 

If you can’t, don’t worry! Life is really busy and I get that. Just let me know by shooting me a text that says: “Hey. I can’t be on your team this semester, but I’ll be praying for you and cheering from the sidelines.” Thanks again for being the kind of adult that students like me want on their team!

The idea isn’t that this kid is overrun with mentors, but that out of the five, two or three would sign up at There, they’ll get regular reminders to check-in and prompts for what to talk about with their college student and even links to mid-term and finals care packages.

And best of all… ONMYTEAM.ORG IS FREE.

I made it because I need it for my own group. But you can use it too.

Find Out More is a free resource that helps students enlist the best people to be on their team. It also offers valuable help to the mentors students choose, providing monthly ideas, reminders, and resources to help them be the best team members for the young adult who has chosen them.

Starting Now: A 30-Day Guide to Becoming Who You Want to Be in College helps students begin to move in the direction of a future they want. During the first six weeks of college, when free time is high, relationships are low, and there are more questions than answers, this resource can help students not only get through their freshman year but lay a foundation for a great college experience.

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