If you’ve been partnering with XP3 for any length of time, you’ve probably caught the Orange vision. Churches who seek to partner with parents in an effort to make the most impact on a student for Christ have an edge in walking their students toward a life-long relationship with their Creator. It’s an imperative and fundamental piece of the Orange Strategy. And it’s why we are constantly striving to help you to connect with parents in an authentic and strategic way. So, as the new school year begins, we want to re-introduce you to some of our more impactful resources to help you connect with the parents in your ministry.

Parent CUE: Have you ever been to an elementary school play? If you have, you’ve probably experienced one of those awkward moments when a cute little third grader dressed as a sunflower misses her cue and either walks onto the stage at the wrong time or simply misses her 15 seconds of fame all together. We all need cues—those things that tell us when and how to show up and play our role. And for busy parents, a cue can be exactly what they need to realize that it’s a good time to make a very intentional and timely entrance into their student’s life. So, be sure that from series to series, you are making this important resource available to the parents in your ministry. Whether you print it out and hand it to parents as students are getting picked up or post it up on a parent blog, it is imperative that you give the parents in your ministry a cue to stop and invest intentionally in their student’s life.

Parenting a New Generation by Chap Clark: Now that you’ve got your parents on board from series to series, this resource gives parents an opportunity to peak into the world of students from a social, developmental and cultural perspective. Here is a summary of this resource:

The world is changing, and so are today’s teens. Any parent who feels unequipped to raise a teenager in today’s world, and any student pastor who has ever felt overwhelmed with the alarming statistics, both know parenting and leading this generation can be challenging.

Both need help. Both need a plan. Both need each other. In this 13-week study, Chap Clark (Ph.D.) articulates the problem with humor and fresh insight in a way you have never heard, and gives practical solutions that will change how you relate to this generation. Whether you work with teenagers or live with them, this DVD-based study will encourage you, challenge you and better equip you to raise healthy adults in today’s world—something that is not only possible, but within your reach.

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Orange Parents: Need a place to send your parents when they are looking for encouragement, advice and someone that can relate to their parenting journey? Orange Parents is your go-to site for all things Orange and Parents. From blog posts about parenting with a purpose to funny anecdotes from other parents in the trenches, this site (www.orangeparents.org) is a great place for parents to go when they are in need of a quick dose of inspiration and a big morale-boost.

XP3 Family Series: We believe that every once in awhile it’s good to pause and take some time to get everyone on the same page, especially when it comes to families. So, once a year we carve out some time in our scope and cycle to specifically address the issues that often arise within a family. From the way a student evolves from a child to an adult to the reality of the emerging face of the family—single parent, grandparents, blended families—we believe it’s important to recognize the role that “family” plays in a student’s life. Available family series include The Good Fight, Picture Perfect, Evolve and Upper Hand (to be released in November). Included with each of these series is a Family XP or family event designed to get your students and their parents in the same room to find common ground with one another and with the other families represented within your ministry.

However you choose to integrate the parent piece within your ministry, don’t overlook the power of including your students’ parents in the conversation. It may take more work, but it is vital for the overall health and longevity of your ministry. And, more importantly, it is vital for your students’ spiritual development and long-term walk with Jesus Christ.



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