Three-year-old Sean is so excited about his Sunday morning that he babbles about it all the way home from church. He talks about a big fish and “Ninenah” and spitting him out. Sean’s parents listen with awe and wonder. They have no idea what he’s talking about.

You see, Sean’s parents didn’t grow up in church. They don’t know the story of Jonah and the big fish. They can’t translate Sean’s excited babble into English because they don’t have the background or the tools. Until they look at the Parent Cue.

The Parent Cue provides context for Sean’s story. The Bible Story Summary tells the story of Jonah quickly enough that now Sean’s mom can ask questions and have a conversation with her son. “Was today’s story about Jonah? Where was Jonah supposed to go? Wow, there was a big fish!”

Sean’s excited rambling of his morning is no longer babble, but an actually retelling of the Bible story. And, because mom and dad have the Bible reference in Parent Cue, they can read the story for themselves at home and even reread it to Sean from his children’s Bible.

Sean’s dad realizes that Sean is so excited about this story that he takes it one step further. He reads the Bath Time Activity on the Parent Cue and decides that Sean would enjoy playing “Jonah and the Big Fish” during his bath tonight. He quickly rounds up a cup and a small boy figure. He and Sean play “Jonah” all through bath time that night and for many more.

Without trying to squeeze anything extra into their day, without purchasing any elaborate kit, Sean’s parents have incorporated spiritual learning into their son’s day. They have reinforced what he learned at church and brought church into the home. All without much effort. All because they had the right tool.

Are you providing your parents with the tools they need?