What do you before your student ministry environment starts?
Drink loads of coffee?
Write your talk?
Search the internet for funny youtube videos?
Make sure you have the right supplies for the game?
Clean all the trash and gum off of the floor?

Well whatever you do before every student ministry experience is a big deal. What you do beforehand is connected to the effectiveness and smoothness of your student ministry experience. Everything you do before is what we call the pregame. The pregame is everything leading up to the experience. It sets the tone for the experience.

How can a student pastor set the tone for the student ministry experience?

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Communicate with small groups before the experience. When communicating with small group leaders before inform, equip and encourage them.
  2. Load all media on keynote, propresenter and/or mediashout and make sure to review and test all the media before the experience
  3. Create a great background playlist for before and after the experience
  4. Make sure room is clean and smells good
  5. Plan and schedule student ministry service to the minute.  My favorite resource is Planning Center Online
  6. Have a rehearsal a hour before student ministry experience starts
  7. Make sure supplies for talk and/or game are set to go and in place
  8. Ensure host, worship band and speaker are clear on the schedule and highlight key transitions
  9. Sound check microphones
  10. Pray

This is my pregame list. What’s your list? How do you set the tone in your environment? What items do you before?

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