Anxiety Toolkit

It’s easy to be anxious right now. It’s not always easy to talk about.

With more uncertainty, more events getting cancelled and more grief—anxiety is a likely reality for many in this season. Now more than ever, students need help, hope, and reminder that God has given them tools to handle anxiety.

Give students a place to process, and equip small group leaders and parents to continue the conversation with the Anxiety Toolkit.  


You’ll find:

  • A Standalone Message on Anxiety (Middle school & high school included!)
  • Teaching Video, Small Group Questions, Devotions, parent resources and more!
  • Anxiety Conversation Guides for Parents & Small Group Leaders





where did these standalone messages come from?

We released these standalone messages as a part of our annual curriculum & strategy, XP3. We’ve been releasing standalone messages to tackle some of the tricky issues students are facing, like bullying, anxiety, self-harm, suicide, consent & more. You can find out more about XP3 curriculum & strategy at


The Orange Students team spends most of their time producing two curriculums, XP3 Middle School, and XP3 High School. You can find out more and try any of our family ministry curriculums for yourself at