Whether it’s personally or professionally, there are areas in which we all want to “get better.” And if you’ve ever wondered what exactly “getting better” looks like, this episode is for you. In today’s episode, listen as ministry leaders wrestle with defining what it means to get better personally, and discuss the importance of knowing, understanding, and leading yourself along the way.



The most important person you lead is yourself. (4:00)

Lean into your strengths, rather than trying to make your weaknesses better. (8:00)

Your growth and your confidence is your responsibility. (11:30)

Surround yourself with a personal team to help you figure out what it means for you to “get better.” (15:00)

The years ahead will be shaped by how well you know yourself. (16:00)

Read. Read a book that inspires you, a book that is fun, and a book that scares you. (20:00)

Invite viewpoints that you disagree with to speak into your life. (23:30)

Everything you do inside of your ministry is a reflection of where you are personally. (32:00)


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