Navigating the tension of how to effectively communicate to and connect with both middle school and high school students can be difficult. If you’ve ever wondered, “Is it possible to address every kid in every grade?” this episode is for you! In today’s episode, ministry leaders talk about the differences between the middle school and high school phases, and why it’s important to leverage unique opportunities in each grade that you may never get again.



How do I address both middle school and high school students? (2:15)

It’s important to step back and ask yourself, “Who am I talking to?” (5:30)

How do I address kids at every stage? (7:00)

“If you’re trying to be effective, you’ve got to go where they are—and they’re all at different places.” – Shef (7:30)

You have different opportunities at each grade that you will not get again. (8:45)

If you can separate by guys and girls—that’s best. If you can separate by gender AND grade, that’s even better. (10:15)

Middle School Phases (11:25)
6th grade – Who do I like? Who likes me?
7th grade – Who am I?
8th grade – Who do I want to become?

High School Phases (13:00)
9th grade – Where do I fit in?
10th grade – Who am I personally?
11th grade – What’s my purpose?
12th grade – What’s next?

How are we equipping SGLs and parents to teach in these phases? (18:00)


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