Have you ever found yourself wanting to quit youth ministry? Or, maybe, have you ever wondered what you can do to NOT quit? If you’ve ever been there before, today’s episode of Rethinking Youth Ministry is for you. Join ministry leaders as they discuss the reasons many youth pastors feel the need to quit, what you can do to not quit, and what to do when it’s time to move on.



Why are youth pastors asking the question, “How do I not quit?” (2:30)

Sometimes we don’t see spiritual growth because it’s spiritual. (5:30)

What happens when the results you’re wanting don’t line up with what your leadership is wanting? (7:00)

Leaving what you love is harder than leaving what you don’t love, and it requires more faith. (13:00)

If you don’t feel done, you need to stay. (14:30)

The prize for solving a problem is a new problem. (17:30)

Evaluate the situation. Identify what’s causing you to ask the question,“How do I not quit?” (18:30)

Sometimes you need to quit things in order to not quit the thing you really want to be doing. (19:00)

Just because you are leaving a job does not mean that you are leaving the ministry. (19:30)

You need a safe person who is outside of your church to talk to. (21:00)

If you’re overwhelmed because of your calendar, then stop doing something. (24:00)

Find things that give you life, and then do those things. (25:30)

Hand off the things that drain you in your job. (26:00)

You are called to something, but it’s not your job title. (31:00)

You can only care about so many things in life, so choose them wisely. (32:00)

Figure out what you really want to do, and then do that. (34:30)


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