How often do you speak to students? Whether you communicate to students every week, once a month, or just a couple times per year, chances are, as a communicator, you’ve asked this question: “How do I get better at speaking to students?” Join ministry leaders on this episode for a conversation about getting better as a communicator, and discover practical ways that you can improve as you speak to students.



How do I get better at speaking to students? (1:15)

What have been Brett, Ashley, Shef, and Jamey’s worst moments while speaking on stage to students? (2:30)

Two pressures that communicators always have are “What am I going to say?” and “Am I going to be ready?” (7:00)

How do you make time to get better while also preparing for a talk? (7:30)

When you’re trying to get better at speaking, who are you supposed to be listening to? (8:00)

Is there a different kind of pressure put on female communicators? (9:00)

It’s important to know what your win is when you’re communicating. (11:45)

How do you personally build your talk? (14:00)

As you are preparing for a talk, work to connect to the real tensions your students are feeling. (17:00)

We have to be comfortable with not memorizing a script, but memorizing the landmarks of a talk. (22:30)

Tell your talk to somebody in two minutes or less. (23:00)

One of the best things you can do to be a better communicator is to know your audience better. (28:00)

The more authentic you are on stage, the more students will be able to connect with you. (28:30)

If you don’t have a story that connects with the tension of your talk, you don’t have a good enough tension. (29:30)

As young communicators, you want to find your own voice, but you might not know your own voice yet. (30:45)

Be intentional about watching other communicators. (31:00)

In weight lifting, you have to increase your reps before you increase your weight. Speaking works the same way. (31:30)

Pick one thing you can work on in your next talk, and then do it. (34:00)


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